On Why the Hero Generation is an Informed One (TEDxDLSU)

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Businesses and governments in the Philippines should adopt a data mindset - where intuition and personal experience are always backed up by data and an effort to see the entire picture is always made - in order to realize the benefits of entering the demographic window.

TJ Palanca https://www.twitter.com/tjpalanca

I was given the opportunity to speak on the power of data in a recent TEDxDLSU conference, with the theme “Youth Kaleidoscope”. I decided to speak on three aspects of a “data mindset,” that I believe is sorely lacking in the way business and governments make decisions, and that the youth of today can pioneer as they take leadership positions in the country. In this post, I’ll just delve into detail regarding the visualizations presented during the talk.

Data is just a collection of stories

Many people think of data as simply numbers on a spreadsheet, when it is real-life stories that truly matter. It would be worthwhile to consider that data is actually a collection of stories, except that these stories are collected and standardized in a way that allows one to see the entire picture, without looking at each individual story in turn. In this manner, we can expand our scope to a few stories, to the voices of everyone in the population.

For example, this graph of presidential priorities that I’ve shown in a previous blog post shows how each individual SONA can be compressed into a measure and compared against all the others, at least in terms of the national issues that each speech tackles.