On Coffee Coverage: Starbucks store density in Metro Manila

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Some people just can’t start the day without having a cup of coffee. By taking a look at the city-specific distribution of Starbucks stores around Metro Manila, we can see where the coffee guzzlers are located.

TJ Palanca https://www.twitter.com/tjpalanca

Coffee is probably one of the most underrated drivers of the economy, because its impact can be hard to measure. With a majority of the workforce and studentry regularly drinking coffee, it is hardly insignificant in an economy’s productivity calculus.

Starbucks Store Density

Starbucks is easily the largest coffee chain in the country, with around 150 stores in Metro Manila. In comparison, the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, its closest competitor, chimes in at around 70.

Data on Starbucks stores around Metro Manila provide an interesting picture of the ‘coffee landscape’ of the region. By mapping the addresses to specific latitude and longitude measures, we can plot the various coffee shops on a map and figure out where coffee drinkers are most likely to be found. We normalize the data by dividing by population and by land area for each city.