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Web Development in Julia

Basic Packages


This seems to be one of the most fundamental web libraries in Julia.



  • Apparently influenced by the Phoenix Framework
  • It’s very sparsely documented though, I don’t know exactly how to do something about this.


  • Merly seems to be much more well documented, and it also has a benchmark in the general web benchmarker that makes it much faster than {RestRServe}, obviously going to be faster than {shiny} as well.
  • Seems that this is the best framework to choose if I need to put up a microservice or web service!
  • One snag is that its middleware implementation seems to be quite clunky.


  • It’s a control flow library and is also the one supported by JuliaWeb, so I’m a little more hopeful on this one.
  • The README.md is excellent at explaining the concepts.
  • I might end up using this as the design seems the most well thought out.
  • It has WebSockets support.