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Parenting FAQs


TJ Palanca


March 26, 2023

This is a collection of various questions I’ve asked and answered regarding parenting.


Screen Time

  • When can children have some screen time?
    • Screen time is discouraged by the WHO under 2 years, with exception granted for video calling with relatives



  • When can children start eating solids?
    • After 6 months, they can start eating purees.
    • No, this doesn’t really replace milk consumption especially at the start.

Baby Gear

  • When can the child use a standing Skip Hop 3-stage Activity Center?
    • Pediatrician recommends using this only when the child is able to stand assisted on their own. Doing so before could be detrimental to development.
  • What are some unexpectedly useful baby things?
    • A cooling pad for the stroller - it can get warm especially if you live somewhere tropical - a cooling pad is not just good for regulating the baby’s temperature but also easier to replace should there be any accidental spills.
    • Thermometer and hygrometer with history - eliminates all the guesswork about whether the baby’s sleeping environment is at the right temperature.
    • Baby crib cover - in cases where you do not have access to blackout curtains at home or at hotels, this can be super useful in improving nap times.

Sleep Training

  • Children need to learn how to sleep on their own, without the help of a parent. Sleep training is a process of teaching them how to do so.



  • Below 6 months, children shouldn’t be given medicine. Above 6 months, everything must be course through a pediatrician. Some medicine will cause your child to vomit.
  • Vomiting is very common in children because of their underdeveloped smooth muscle control. One instance isn’t necessarily a cause of concern.