Welcome to my field notes!

Field notes are notes I leave myself as I go through my day to day work. The hope is that other people will also find these notes useful. Note that these notes are unfiltered and unverified.

Work Principles


TJ Palanca


August 7, 2022

Principles are a set of principles that I develop for myself, that guide my career and the relationships I build within it.

Let builders build

  • Building things is a necessary but not sufficient condition for creating business value, but what that really just means is that you must be doing something in addition to building, not in place of it.
  • I developed this at Uber, where I saw the power of having teams that don’t have executives, other teams, or colleagues questioning their every move.
  • Unless you have a well-developed and sensible action plan for how a team or business should change the way it is building something, getting out their way and clearing blockers is the best way to support that team.