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Technical Management


TJ Palanca


August 7, 2022

Keeping technical people engaged

There’s a minimum standard that we need to meet whenever we engage technical people:

  • Some that aren’t different from any other employee:
    • Compensation, and line of sight
      • People have financial goals no matter how little it’s discussed


  • Sometimes, engineers who work in product teams will have frustrations about the direction of their work or how their work gets decided. It’s important to highlight the following principles:
    • Product managers have the job of ensuring that whatever technical work happens translates to value. This is harder than it sounds — typically, when engineers have gone through this work themselves - defining requirements, getting sign off for them — they have more sympathy and understanding for this process.
    • It’s important to highlight that the tech needs to be useful, and a majority of software projects still end up creating negative business value for the company (i.e. cost to develop is not worth the benefit.)