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Odds and Ends - Stack Upgrades


TJ Palanca


October 17, 2022

1Password can sign git commits for you

You can use the beta version of 1Password 8 to sign git commits! You can generate a private key with it and then protect that key with your Touch ID. Pretty nifty way to ensure your commits aren’t being impersonated.

Transitioning to Terraform Cloud

I’ve always been loathe to manage cloud infrastructure directly, especially for my personal stack. I’ve historically used Cloud66 to manage a Kubernetes cluster and related applications, but apart from the cost, I’ve necessarily reached some limitations when accessing more Kubernetes features, or with the domain specific YAML configurations that C66 provides.

I’ve since then moved to Infrastructure-as-Code (Terraform Cloud) for my personal stack here. It has Kubernetes on Linode, Cloudflare, Ingresses, OAuth2 Gateways with Keycloak, PGAdmin, a development stack, and my Plausible Analytics tracking - basically everything I need to be fully productive on the cloud, without ever needing to develop locally.

From the notes: FastAPI

I’ve never seriously taken a look at FastAPI since I’ve not had a use case for it, but I finally found the time to do a thorough read through of the documentation. The notes are here.

It’s pretty nifty, and my next task is to look at leveraging Hotwire to build server-render applications with minimal JavaScript, and extend that to an idea I had about making Business Intelligence more impactful.

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