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đź“° Newsletter TJ Palanca
Nov 8, 2022 How the 2008 Financial Crisis Still Affects Us TJ Palanca
Nov 6, 2022 Odds and Ends - Losing the Wings TJ Palanca
Oct 17, 2022 Odds and Ends - Stack Upgrades TJ Palanca
Aug 14, 2022 Odds and Ends - Notebook-driven development, ASEAN, and Operational Excellence TJ Palanca
Aug 7, 2022 Odds and Ends - Experimentation, Self-Service Analytics, and Forgiveness TJ Palanca
Jul 31, 2022 Odds and Ends - New Python Libraries, Quarto, and Viruses TJ Palanca
Dec 1, 2021 Decision Reversibility TJ Palanca
Nov 30, 2021 Odds and Ends - Analysis quality, software engineering, and proprietary systems TJ Palanca
Nov 28, 2021 Switching roles TJ Palanca
Nov 25, 2021 Cryptocurrencies TJ Palanca
Sep 18, 2021 The Map is not the Territory TJ Palanca
Oct 11, 2020 A data team’s product is decisions TJ Palanca
Aug 6, 2020 Dealing with model uncertainty in data products TJ Palanca
Jul 31, 2017 On Databeers Manila TJ Palanca
May 2, 2017 On Data Visualization Design TJ Palanca
May 1, 2017 On Minimalistic Maps TJ Palanca
Mar 12, 2017 On Facebook News in the Philippines TJ Palanca
Jun 15, 2016 FĂŞte wisely this 2016 TJ Palanca, Carl Calub
May 27, 2016 On the Elections: Election Fingerprints TJ Palanca
May 22, 2016 On Scientific Studies, P-Hacking, and Media Irresponsibility TJ Palanca
Mar 11, 2016 On Academics and Bridging the Gap TJ Palanca
Nov 29, 2015 On Coverage and Capacity TJ Palanca
Aug 26, 2015 On Schools and Survival TJ Palanca
May 16, 2015 On the MRT: A Capacity Conundrum TJ Palanca
Apr 5, 2015 On Why the Hero Generation is an Informed One (TEDxDLSU) TJ Palanca
Mar 19, 2015 On Airline Agitation TJ Palanca
Nov 17, 2014 On Benford’s Law TJ Palanca
Oct 19, 2014 On Coffee Coverage TJ Palanca
Oct 5, 2014 On Taxes versus Sales: How large is government compared to publicly-listed corporations? TJ Palanca
Sep 27, 2014 On Imperial Manila, Modernization Failure, and Comparative Advantage TJ Palanca
Sep 16, 2014 On the Effectiveness of Higher Sin Taxes: Losing Steam? (2014 Q2 Update) TJ Palanca
Aug 31, 2014 On Pump Prices: Where can you gas up for less? TJ Palanca
Aug 27, 2014 On the Economics and Data of Love, Dating, and Relationships TJ Palanca
Aug 24, 2014 On Taxes: Do Filipinos really pay the highest taxes among ASEAN countries?’ TJ Palanca
Aug 13, 2014 On Presidential Priorities (July 2014) TJ Palanca
Jul 4, 2014 On Pork and Plunder TJ Palanca
Jun 28, 2014 On Latin Honors: How hard is it to get to the top? TJ Palanca
Jun 15, 2014 On the Overweight and Obese TJ Palanca
Jun 1, 2014 On the S&P Credit Rating Upgrade TJ Palanca
May 25, 2014 On Purchasing Power Parities, the Big Mac Index, and the International Comparison Programme TJ Palanca
May 18, 2014 On the Filipino Migration and Remittances TJ Palanca
May 11, 2014 On Inflation and Poverty TJ Palanca
May 4, 2014 On What It Means to Be Filipino TJ Palanca
Apr 29, 2014 On Delays and Dropouts TJ Palanca
Mar 30, 2014 On Fraud and Fake Ballots TJ Palanca
Mar 19, 2014 On Using Data to Choose your Next Vacation Destination TJ Palanca
Mar 9, 2014 On the Probability of Mortality TJ Palanca
Feb 22, 2014 On Corruption and Collusion TJ Palanca
Feb 18, 2014 On Presidents and Priorities TJ Palanca
Feb 10, 2014 On the Philippine IT-BPO Industry TJ Palanca
Feb 2, 2014 On Getting to Know the Filipino Informal Settler TJ Palanca
Jan 29, 2014 On Maximizing Your Interview Chances: Schedule it right after a break TJ Palanca
Jan 26, 2014 On Your Life Expectancy TJ Palanca
Jan 22, 2014 On Hot Hands and Shooting Streaks TJ Palanca
Jan 19, 2014 On Trains and Tribulations TJ Palanca
Jan 1, 2014 On Holiday Weight Gain and New Years’ Resolutions TJ Palanca
Dec 23, 2013 On Christmas in the Philippines TJ Palanca
Dec 15, 2013 On Philippine Foreign Trade: USA vs China TJ Palanca
Dec 11, 2013 On the Effectiveness of Sin Taxes in the Philippines: 2013 Q3 Update TJ Palanca
Dec 5, 2013 On iPhone Exchange Rate and Tax Arbitrage TJ Palanca
Dec 1, 2013 On the Best Webcomics for your Inner Nerd TJ Palanca
Nov 27, 2013 On the Globe iPhone Forever Plan TJ Palanca
Nov 23, 2013 On Yolanda/Haiyan Foreign Aid TJ Palanca
Nov 13, 2013 On True Filipino Resilience TJ Palanca
Nov 6, 2013 On the Risk-Return Relationship of your Love Life TJ Palanca
Nov 3, 2013 On Giving Cash to the Poor TJ Palanca
Oct 28, 2013 On the News: No Double Standard Here TJ Palanca
Oct 23, 2013 On Moving People, not Cars TJ Palanca
Oct 15, 2013 On Why You Shouldn’t Save While You’re Young TJ Palanca
Oct 12, 2013 On Crappy Opinion Polls and Belt Tightening TJ Palanca
Oct 9, 2013 On W.H. Taft Residences TJ Palanca
Oct 4, 2013 On the UAAP Season 76 TJ Palanca
Oct 2, 2013 On Tax Evasion TJ Palanca
Sep 29, 2013 On Traffic Accident Hotspots: EDSA and C-5 TJ Palanca
Sep 26, 2013 On the News TJ Palanca
Sep 15, 2013 On the Effectiveness of Higher Sin Taxes TJ Palanca
Sep 10, 2013 On Buying from Abroad through Philpost Express Mail Service (EMS) TJ Palanca
Sep 8, 2013 On the Great Gatsby Curve and Electric Fences in South Africa TJ Palanca
Aug 4, 2013 On Annoying Elevator Companions TJ Palanca
Jul 14, 2013 On What Manila Could Have Been TJ Palanca
Jul 10, 2013 On the Economics of Ticket Scalping TJ Palanca
Jul 7, 2013 On Melting Coins and Negative Seignorage TJ Palanca
Jun 20, 2013 On Annoying Drivers TJ Palanca
Oct 13, 2012 On Economics Education TJ Palanca
May 22, 2012 On Ngrams Part 2: The Philippine Economy TJ Palanca
May 14, 2012 On Ngrams: Philippine History Quantified in Books TJ Palanca
May 8, 2012 On Prize-Linked Savings TJ Palanca
May 2, 2012 On that Moment of Choice TJ Palanca
Apr 20, 2012 On Graphs: Finals Week TJ Palanca
Apr 20, 2012 On Interest Rates and Mortality TJ Palanca
Apr 20, 2012 On Stochasticity TJ Palanca
Apr 19, 2012 On Man’s Insignificance TJ Palanca
Apr 19, 2012 On Prices TJ Palanca
Apr 19, 2012 On Quotes from F.A. Hayek TJ Palanca
Apr 19, 2012 On Video: Trial, Error and the God Complex TJ Palanca
Apr 19, 2012 On the Concorde TJ Palanca
Apr 19, 2012 On the Opinion Entitlement Fallacy TJ Palanca
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