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Who I am

I help fast-growing organizations in Asia-Pacific use data for decisions and deploy those decisions at scale, whether strategic, operational, or in-product.

My approach is to identify the business problems that matter and address those issues using the effectiveness of data. I don't consider myself just a data person, but a problem solver with data and technology as a core capability.

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What I offer

I solve your immediate business problems quickly and ensure that the product continues to be useful well after final delivery. I take into account the maturity of your data team and infrastructure to ensure that we work on what matters.

Pipeline Engineering

You first have to get useful data into a central location, so that you can create consistent and repeatable analyses and models. Wherever your data is stored, I create pipelines that extract, load, and transform the data in a data warehouse for everyone in your company.

Decision Science

I build fit-for-purpose decision support systems, whether it's a bespoke analysis for a key strategic decision or a business intelligence solution to support data-driven decisions across the company. I partner with stakeholders to ensure that analyses are not done in a vacuum.


At some point, every business will want to automate critical decisions with algorithms. I build fault-tolerant, precise, and innovative algorithmic systems that blend domain expertise with the power of data science. These systems are ready to plug into production engineering systems.

Companies I've helped

I’ve helped many companies make more, better, and faster decisions in a full-time or consultant capacity.

First Circle

First Circle was able to build a profitable emerging market small and medium business (SMB) loan portfolio using a continuously improving system for setting personalized credit limits and pricing. I also built a talented data team of strategists and engineers in the company.


Uber was able to deploy a driver incentive delivery engine that is up to 3 times more efficient than competition. I also built global analytics tools for driver funnel tracking that enabled teams to optimize their driver onboarding.


GrabFood was able to deploy a human-in-the-loop incentive design mechanisms that allowed local operations teams to optimize incentive spend and structures while also objectively taking into consideration market specific factors.

Department of Finance (Philippines)

The Department of Finance was able to create striking visual infographics for its anti-tax evasion campaign, as well as an import fraud risk assessment tool for the Fiscal Intelligence Unit reasponsible for auditing customs duties on imports.

Love From Yours

This personalized e-commerce startup was able to create a centralized data warehouse for all their backend databases, marketing and support tools, and third party services so they can track and monitor their performance.

Banking and Insurance

At EY Philippines, I was able to help the largest banks and insurance companies with custom analytics solutions, incorporating location analytics, strategic portfolio allocation, credit risk modelling, and customer analytics.

Get in contact

I’m always interested to learn about how people are tackling their data problems. I offer preferential hourly rates for small and medium businesses, businesses in emerging markets, as well as startups, government, and non-profits.

Please send me an email at  [email protected].

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