![Poster|250](https://m.media-amazon.com/images/M/MV5BMGYzNWM2MzYtZWNmMi00Yjk5LTk1MjgtMTQwMjg5YzE2NzJkXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMDc5ODIzMw@@._V1_SX300.jpg) # Movie Information Title:: The Light We Carry: Michelle Obama and [[Oprah Winfrey]] Year:: 2023 Rating:: 5.4 Genres:: Documentary Actors:: [[Malia Obama]], [[Michelle Obama]], [[Sasha Obama]] Source:: #source/OMDbAPI # Status Status:: #status/watched Date:: [[2023-05-19]] My Rating:: 9.0 Summary:: It's a really great interview and just goes to show how greatness is in the little things. # Notes [[Merill Pamela Stephanie Chua]] really liked this documentary. Here are a few thoughts: - On [[Happiness]]: it's our job to make ourselves happy; we can't rely on others to be happy. - [[Doing your own knitting]] before taking care of others - accepting that some things are not in our control and we should "focus on our own knitting" before moving on to bigger and better problems. - Having a [[kitchen table of friends]] that you collect and curate over time, so that they can be your source of companionship into adulthood.