#status/processed ![Cover Image](https://readwise-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/static/images/article4.6bc1851654a0.png) # Metadata Author:: [[knowledge repository]] Title:: New Data Scientists: Tips for Success Full Title:: New Data Scientists: Tips for Success Import Date:: 2023-05-13 Source:: #source/readwise/instapaper Source URL:: [Source URL](https://medium.com/airbnb-engineering/new-data-scientists-tips-for-success-5f898b6a33f3) Review URL:: [Review URL](https://readwise.io/bookreview/26339316) # Document Tags:: [[Data Science]] # Highlights - He sees PMs as creating the process that delivers good product to end users. - Date:: [[2019-03-17]] - Find: [View Highlight](https://instapaper.com/read/1173116822/10415872) - ==Having an overview of what’s on your plate not only allows you to easily see how you spend your time across various types of work (big bets, small bets, ad-hoc work, infrastructure, etc) but also makes having performance conversations much easier.== - Date:: [[2019-03-17]] - Find: [View Highlight](https://instapaper.com/read/1173116822/10416794) - In these situations, you need to push for clarity and make sure you know what your systems can handle - this will help you and those with whom you are working. - Date:: [[2019-03-17]] - Find: [View Highlight](https://instapaper.com/read/1173116822/10416799) - One golden piece of advice: ==approach your work as if you are going to have to reproduce or replicate everything you do.== - Date:: [[2019-03-17]] - Find: [View Highlight](https://instapaper.com/read/1173116822/10416803) - The best PMs I’ve worked with have frameworks that are clear and consistent, particularly when it comes to data products: to them, perfect and opaque are (always) the enemy of the good. - Date:: [[2019-03-17]] - Find: [View Highlight](https://instapaper.com/read/1173116822/10416804) - Always focus on business impact and characterize the various data products/solutions you build in those terms! - Date:: [[2019-03-17]] - Find: [View Highlight](https://instapaper.com/read/1173116822/10416807) - ==When seeking help (from anyone, really) always start with the goal; this opens you up to a wider range of inputs.== - Date:: [[2019-03-17]] - Find: [View Highlight](https://instapaper.com/read/1173116822/10416812) - In tech, you do not get ahead by monopolizing information. ==When you do receive help, make it a practice to circle back and share the solution/fix with others.== - Date:: [[2019-03-17]] - Find: [View Highlight](https://instapaper.com/read/1173116822/10416817)