#status/processed # Metadata Author:: [[Adrian Schiess]] Title:: Being the First Data Science Hire Full Title:: Being the First Data Science Hire Import Date:: 2023-05-13 Source:: #source/readwise/instapaper Source URL:: [Source URL](https://medium.com/all-the-data-we-cannot-see/being-the-first-ds-hire-710e479e9c9a) Review URL:: [Review URL](https://readwise.io/bookreview/26338650) # Document Tags:: [[Data Science]] [[Startups]] # Highlights - Talking to executives about data science is hard enough, answering questions like “when will this project be done?” or “can you make something that does this?” is absolutely nerve racking, especially if there is no one around with more experience in analytics. - Date:: [[2019-04-26]] - Find: [View Highlight](https://instapaper.com/read/1187281518/10620132) - ==**Planning everything** has really become a game-changer for me.== It helps me keep track of everything going on and to stay on top of multiple ongoing projects. - Date:: [[2019-04-26]] - Find: [View Highlight](https://instapaper.com/read/1187281518/10620134) - Being that most companies do not have the appropriate data infrastructure, ==the data scientist must **literally start from scratch**.== - Date:: [[2019-04-26]] - Find: [View Highlight](https://instapaper.com/read/1187281518/10620135) - Now you can spend time doing more valuable work. Second iteration: add some new columns to the data, incorporate some filters and new comparisons. ==**The data pipeline is already there and it works fine,** now it’s just a matter of finding the columns you’re interested in with a few more lines of code. Nothing fancy.== - Date:: [[2019-04-26]] - Find: [View Highlight](https://instapaper.com/read/1187281518/10620138) - Note: Value of creating modular, extensible code. - ==It’s important to mention that at the very beginning, uncovering insights probably won’t be the top priority. Making the data readily accessible and visible should be the main concern before jumping into AI and ML.== - Date:: [[2019-04-27]] - Find: [View Highlight](https://instapaper.com/read/1187281518/10620139) - Note: [[Business Intelligence]] must be done before any [[Artificial Intelligence]] or [[Machine Learning]].