#status/done/processed ## Metadata Author:: [[Rebecca Fishbein]] Title:: A Beginner’s Guide to Giving Performance Reviews – Featured Stories – Medium Full Title:: A Beginner’s Guide to Giving Performance Reviews – Featured Stories – Medium Import Date:: 2023-05-13 Source:: #source/readwise/instapaper Source URL:: [Source URL](https://medium.com/s/story/a-beginners-guide-to-giving-performance-reviews-963aba23bd) Review URL:: [Review URL](https://readwise.io/bookreview/26338674) ## Document Tags:: [[People Management]] [[Performance Reviews]] ## Highlights - “If you’re hungry, or stayed up too late, it’s hard to have the self-command to find the right words, and communicate in the right constructive way.” - Date:: [[2019-03-03]] - Find: [View Highlight](https://instapaper.com/read/1168066735/10337526) - “==The employee gets to look smart by explaining their gaps rather than feeling defensive.==” - Date:: [[2019-03-03]] - Find: [View Highlight](https://instapaper.com/read/1168066735/10337529) - You’ll get a lot more insight ==from questions than statements==.” - Date:: [[2019-03-03]] - Find: [View Highlight](https://instapaper.com/read/1168066735/10337533) - You don’t want a successful subordinate to burn out or get complacent. - Date:: [[2019-03-03]] - Find: [View Highlight](https://instapaper.com/read/1168066735/10337540) - “==Gather information regarding what fuels this person== and what achievements they have on their mind.” - Date:: [[2019-03-03]] - Find: [View Highlight](https://instapaper.com/read/1168066735/10337574) - For one thing, ==people tend to be aware of their own screwups and missed targets==, even if they can’t seem to get back on track on their own. - Date:: [[2019-03-03]] - Find: [View Highlight](https://instapaper.com/read/1168066735/10337576) - “==The best managers don’t bring any surprises to your review.== It should be more of a planning session than a delivering of new information.” - Date:: [[2019-03-03]] - Find: [View Highlight](https://instapaper.com/read/1168066735/10337578)