> [!info]- Get in contact > I’m always interested to learn about how people are tackling their data problems. I offer preferential hourly rates for small and medium businesses, businesses in emerging markets, as well as startups, government, and non-profits. > > Please send me an e-mail at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). # Who I am ![[headshot.jpeg|200]] I help fast-growing organizations in Asia-Pacific use data for decisions and deploy those decisions at scale, whether strategic, operational, or in-product. My approach is to identify the business problems that matter and address those issues using data. I don't consider myself just a data person, but a problem solver with data and technology as a core capability. See my professional profile on [LinkedIn](https://www.linkedin.com/in/tjpalanca/). # What I offer I solve your immediate business problems quickly and ensure that the product continues to be useful well after final delivery. I take into account the maturity of your data team and infrastructure to ensure that we work on what matters. ## Data Engineering ![[data_engineering.png|100]] You first have to get useful data into a central location, so that you can create consistent and repeatable analyses and models. Wherever your data is stored, I create **pipelines that extract, load, and transform the data in a data warehouse** for everyone in your company. ## Decision Science ![[decision_science.png|100]] I build **fit-for-purpose decision support systems**, whether it's a bespoke analysis for a key strategic decision or a business intelligence solution to support data-driven decisions across the company. I partner with stakeholders to ensure that analyses are not done in a vacuum. ## Algorithms ![[algorithms.png|100]] At some point, every business will want to **automate critical decisions with algorithms**. I build fault-tolerant, precise, and innovative algorithmic systems that blend domain expertise with the power of data science. These systems are ready to plug into production engineering systems. # Companies I've helped I’ve helped many companies make more, better, and faster decisions in both a full-time or consultant capacity. ![|300](first_circle.png) First Circle was able to build a **profitable emerging market small and medium business (SMB) loan portfolio** using a continuously improving system for setting personalized credit limits and pricing. I also built a talented **data team of strategists and engineers** in the company. ![|120](uber.jpg) Uber was able to deploy a **driver incentive delivery engine that is up to 3 times more efficient than competition**. I also built **global analytics tools for driver funnel tracking** that enabled teams to optimize their driver onboarding. ![|130](grab.png) GrabFood was able to deploy a **human-in-the-loop incentive design mechanism** that allowed local operations teams to optimize incentive spend and structures while also objectively taking into consideration market specific factors. ![|100](dof.png) The Department of Finance was able to create **striking visual infographics** for its anti-tax evasion campaign, as well as an **import fraud risk assessment tool** for the Fiscal Intelligence Unit responsible for auditing customs duties on imports. ![|200](love_from_yours.png) This personalized e-commerce startup was able to create a **centralized data warehouse** for all their backend databases, marketing and support tools, and third party services so they can track and monitor their performance. ![|80](ey.png) At EY Philippines, I was able to help the largest banks and insurance companies with custom analytics solutions, incorporating **location analytics, strategic portfolio allocation, credit risk modelling, and customer analytics**. ![|300](expedock.png) Expedock is an artificial intelligence startup for which we planted the seeds of initial data infrastructure, **accelerating crucial revenue reporting for investors and customers.**