![[headshot.jpeg|200]] I’m a data person working across Asia Pacific, and I love building [[Data Products|data products]] that play a role in people's daily lives, whether in products that people use, content that they consume, or governments that serve them. I’m currently at [ExpressVPN](https://expressvpn.com) building a data platform team and a privacy-centered data stack. Before that, I was at [First Circle](https://firstcircle.ph), [Uber](https://uber.com), [Grab](https://grab.com), and [EY](https://ey.com). You’ll find my thoughts, work, personal and professional interests here. If you're interested in solving a data problem, please see [[💼 Consulting]]. ## Contact Find me on <i icon-name="github"></i>[GitHub](https://github.com/tjpalanca), <a class="external-link" rel="me" href="https://mastodon.social/@tjpalanca">Mastodon</a>, <i icon-name="facebook"></i>[Facebook](https://facebook.com/tjpalanca.blog), <i icon-name="instagram"></i>[Instagram](https://instagram.com/tjpalanca.blog), or <i icon-name="linkedin"></i>[LinkedIn](https://linkedin.com). You may also <i icon-name="mail"></i>[send me an e-mail](mailto:[email protected]). ## Newsletter Subscribe to my [semi-regular newsletter](https://buttondown.email/tjpalanca) that contains musings, wanderings around the web, and updates to the site. The information will be used only for updates, and will never be shared with third-parties. <form action="https://buttondown.email/api/emails/embed-subscribe/tjpalanca" method="post" target="popupwindow" onsubmit="window.open('https://buttondown.email/tjpalanca', 'popupwindow')" class="embeddable-buttondown-form" > <label for="bd-email"><strong>📨 Enter your email to get updates:</strong></label> <input type="email" name="email" id="bd-email" /> <input type="submit" value="Subscribe" /> </form> You can also subscribe to the newsletter via [RSS](https://buttondown.email/tjpalanca/rss) . ## About this website This website is written using [[Obsidian]] and hosted via [[Obsidian Publish]]. Email subscriptions are powered by [[Buttondown Email]].