%% Generated from [[Talks Index]] %% I sometimes do talks on various topics when invited to conferences, and I record my talks here. --- | Date | Talk | | ------------ | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | 2021 Sept 16 | [[Writing/Talks/Data analytics in emerging markets.md\|Data analytics in emerging markets]]<br/><span class='article-description'><em>@ CSC Philippines Symposium 2021</em></span><br/><span class='article-description'>A quick tactical guide to setting data strategy, building decision systems, and achieving data adoption.</span> | | 2020 Nov 24 | [[Writing/Talks/Harnessing the Power of Data.md\|Harnessing the Power of Data]]<br/><span class='article-description'><em>@ Philippine Startup Week 2020</em></span><br/><span class='article-description'>The First Circle data team discusses how we build data teams and infrastructure in the fintech company.</span> | | 2018 Jun 23 | [[Writing/Talks/Data Science for Operational Impact.md\|Data Science for Operational Impact]]<br/><span class='article-description'><em>@ SGInnovate</em></span><br/><span class='article-description'>Data science for operational impact is quite an interesting field of study that has more intersections with social sciences and requires more organizational savvy.</span> | | 2017 Jul 31 | [[Writing/Talks/Exploring the world of Philippine online news.md\|Exploring the world of Philippine online news]]<br/><span class='article-description'><em>@ Databeers Manila</em></span><br/><span class='article-description'>I spoke at Databeers Manila. The event was one of the best ones I've gone to in Manila, and definitely eye-opening to see more and more dataphiliacs in the country!</span> | | 2017 May 02 | [[Writing/Talks/On Data Visualization Design.md\|On Data Visualization Design]]<br/><span class='article-description'><em>@ World Information Architecture Day 2016</em></span><br/><span class='article-description'>I was invited to speak last year at the World Information Architecture Day 2016 in Manila on data visualization design and use cases. The video is available for viewing.</span> | | 2015 Apr 05 | [[Writing/Talks/On Why the Hero Generation is an Informed One.md\|On Why the Hero Generation is an Informed One]]<br/><span class='article-description'><em>@ TEDxDLSU</em></span><br/><span class='article-description'>Businesses and governments in the Philippines should adopt a data mindset - where intuition and personal experience are always backed up by data and an effort to see the entire picture is always made - in order to realize the benefits of entering the demographic window.</span> | | 2014 Aug 27 | [[Writing/Talks/On the Economics and Data of Love, Dating, and Relationships.md\|On the Economics and Data of Love, Dating, and Relationships]]<br/><span class='article-description'><em>@ De La Salle University</em></span><br/><span class='article-description'>Last Valentine's Day, I was asked by my former college organization to deliver a talk on the "data of love, dating, and relationships" as part of their Young Economists' Lecture and Learning Series at De La Salle University.</span> | ---