You can earn 1% per month (12% per annum) + 3% per annum = 15% return on $30k or $50k SGD using HSBC EGA and Stashaway Simple Guaranteed. - The [HSBC Everyday Global Account]( provides 1% cashback on GIRO bill payments via the HSBC Everyday+ Rewards Programme. ([Detailed T&Cs]( - Requirements: - Deposit SGD 2000 (Personal) or SGD 5000 (Premier) into the account - Make 5 transactions that fit the criteria: - Debit card transaction - Credit card transaction - GIRO bill payment - Transfer out to non-HSBC account - Limits: - Premier: 500 SGD per calendar month - Personal: 300 SGD per calendar month - Use Stashaway to deposit to your portfolio via [eGIRO]( - You can use [Simple Guaranteed]( which just invests in fixed deposits in Singapore banks. This is virtually risk-free. - This also gives you around 3-4% return which adds to your return - Deposit $50k (Premier) or $30k (Personal) to your account - At the end of every month (or a few days after the GIRO transaction), your HSBC account will be credited with the 1% cashback on the GIRO. - Every month, simply withdraw from Stashaway (ideally to a different account than HSBC), deposit it back to HSBC EGA, and then eGIRO back to Stashaway to earn 1% per month return on $50k SGD or $30k SGD