U:: [[Career]] ![[career.jpg]] In the wave of the great resignation, make sure you're on the right foot. If you're a data person looking to switch roles, make sure you have contributed significantly to your current company (milestones, not tasks). It's not for the company - it's to ensure that your opportunity set is much wider than the last time you were in the job market. What are some examples? 1. Started managing a small team (2-3 people), or moved to managing a much larger team. 2. Moved in a direction of specialty or generalizable knowledge (ideally in the direction you’d prefer). 3. Achieved indisputable/cognizable business impact through data. If you’re able to accomplish these things, regardless of whether they were internally recognized through a promotion or other award, then your opportunity set will be much wider. There’s a significant weight (rightly or wrongly) attahced to “having done things before”.