U:: [[Parenting]] Here I'm just narrating my experience having our first child. Here are a few observations that I can share: - **Newborns aren't cute** - I was expecting our baby to be cute from the start, but it was only until 3 months or so that I really think the cuteness comes in. - **This is a real milestone** - tons of things, even large milestonesyou can "undo" or "delay", like finishing education, or buying a house, or proposing and getting married. You can't "undo" a child - it's a real shift in one's life forever, basically. ## References - [[10 Thoughts From the Fourth Trimester]] - It's surprisingly mundane, the [[modern health system]] has made it such that this is not a special case anymore. - Newborns aren't cute, they're fetuses outside the womb as [[evolution]] made it. - It's inescapable - this is not something you can undo.