U:: [[People Management]] [[Technical Management]] One of the essential tasks of a manger is to "see around corners" for the team. Internal threats to the team are: - Underperformance - Interpersonal Conflict - Groupthink and Tribalism External threats to the team are: - Unanticipated changes to strategy - Unrecognized work or value It can be very difficult to see all of these without setting up the right information flows to yourself, via different channels: - Setting up peer chats - People who have worked with your team (stakeholders) - Other people managers - People managers of those who have worked with your team The alternative, which most people managers try to do, is to establish some semblance of control by recording everything diligently in 1:1s or status meetings - but these won't surface many threats such as underperformance or interpersonal conflict. Another worse alternative is a people manager who acts like a project manager, relying on output management systems (such as [[Jira]] or [[Asana]]) to infer the health of the team and to identify things to watch out for. This is a recipe for disaster because even lack of output can be masked in these systems when deeper problems arise.